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The proportion of older people is growing in almost every country in the world. By 2050, around 2000 million people worldwide will be over 60, 400 million of them over 80. Elderly people often need professional help to cope with their health restrictions in everyday life, their independence for as long as possible to maintain and avoid the need for care.


It is known today that the human ear works like a battery. In fact, high-frequency sounds have a stimulating effect on a comprehensive nervous system called the "reticular structure" that regulates the overall level of brain activity . This part of the brain is instrumental in mechanisms such as vivacity, alertness, and sustained attention. This is why these sounds exert a dynamizing effect and promote the occurrence of these mechanisms. Thus any sound can become an endless source of energy, provided the sounds are filtered appropriately by the ear: the effect of the low-frequency components, the little to regenerate and even to tire must be reduced and the power-giving high-frequency components must be increased. Such coordinated hearing training helps every person prone to fatigue and depression to permanently regain their potential. The aging person must constantly regenerate in order to maintain mental function._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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