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Tomatis Therapie

"Jedes Kind birgt ein Universum an Möglichkeiten in sich, verborgen in den sich noch zu entfaltenden Vernetzungen des menschlichen Gehirns. Diese tiefen Potenziale warten darauf geweckt zu werden"  Columbina Katharina Drakulić

Dr. Alfred Tomatis, was a leading figure on neuroplasticity. He created a method for neuro-sensory stimulation and insisted that the brain was malleable long before this was recognized in the scientific world.

"I don't treat people, I wake them up"

 Dr. medical Alfred Tomatis

The TOMATIS® method is based on several theories about how a person develops, like himinformationprocesses how he deals with himself and with otherscommunicatesand finally, like himlearns."



Die Gründe zur Vorstellung der Kinder sind vielfältig:

Parents with their children, teenagers, adults, couples and old people.


There are many reasons for introducing children:

  • Speech disorders - communication disorders - delayed language development

  • Behavioral problems (outbursts of anger, aggressiveness, frustration, hyperactivity)

  • Concentration disorders and attention disorders

  • Motor disorders of gross and fine motor skills

  • children with autism diagnoses

  • Children with ADHD diagnoses

  • School performance disorders

  • developmental delays

  • Sensory integration disorder 

  • disturbances in balance

  • Disturbance of auditory processing and perception

  • hypersensitivity

  • Emotional imbalance

  • mental abnormalities

  • and much more

  • Kinder die nicht sprechen

  • Kinder die "nicht hören"

  • Kinder die nicht "still sitzen"

  • Kinder die nicht kooperieren können

  • "Schüchterne" Kinder

  • Kinder die scheinbar "grundlos" wütend werden

  • Kinder mit Teilleistungshochbegabung

  • Kinder die ihre Kraft nicht dosieren können

  • Kinder die mit anderen Kinder nicht adäquat in Kontakt treten können

  • Kinder die sozial "anecken"

  • Kinder die sich in (grossen) Gruppen nicht finden

  • Kinder die noch einnässen

  • KInder die auf Geräusche, Gerüche etc. über- oder unterreagieren

  • Kinder die "verträumt" sind

  • Kinder die Ihre Emotionen nicht regulieren und modulieren können

  • Kinder mit mangelndem Selbstbewusstsein bzw. Selbstwertgefühl

  • Kinder die noch nicht "angekommen" sind

Tomatis Therapie

procedure and application

  • If possible, we will test you/your child with a special audiometry device - TLTS test

  • We program tailor-made programs for each child/adult (no standard solutions)

  • We use headphones equipped with air conduction and bone conduction (over the skull bones)

  • Children always listen together with their mother/father (or primary caregiver)

  • We work with the recorded and filtered mother's voice and possibly the father's voice

During auditory information processing, the entire brain is more active than with any other stimulus. Our programs are translated into a neural response in the cerebral cortex in a complicated process. This activates a number of brain areas that are responsible for complex things. On the one hand, there is hearing, then motor skills, and of course the emotional centers. And those areas of the brain that are responsible for storing memories. 

The greatest brain stimulus of them all!

The neuroplasticity of the brain - bringing potential to light

Der Umstand, dass das Gehirn (Synapsen, Nervenzellen oder auch ganze Hirnareale) in der Lage ist, sich in Reaktion auf eine Stimulation zu verändern, nennt man "NEUROPLASTIZITÄT"

The fact that the brain (synapses, nerve cells or entire brain areas) is able to change in response to stimulation is called "neuroplasticity". For a long time, the adult brain was considered a rigid, hardwired organ. However, the latest scientific findings show the opposite, and prove that therapies work and that many deficits can be changed more than we dared to hope. Children's brains in particular are highly plastic. The programs we customize are based on this principle, offering gentle and specific stimulation to activate the neural pathways used in processing sensory information. Important neural connections are strengthened and new connections are made through repeated sessions. Our programs are specifically adapted for children and adolescents / adults, and   individualized for each person's goals. The training approach applies to all age groups and opens up a wide range of applications 

Unsere Klienten aus den Bundesländern und aus dem Ausland erhalten Mobile Geräte für zu Hause um den logistischen Aufwand zu minimieren. Ob, und in welchem Umfang dies möglich ist, wird im Erstgespräch genau besprochen

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Public relations/media work 

ORF Consciously Healthy Institute Columbina Drakulic

Institute for Family Support Columbina Drakulic

Symposium update pediatric ENT, Medical University of Vienna, lecture Columbina Drakulic Tomatis at AVWS

Kinder HNO Vortrag
Kinder HNO Vortrag
Kinder HNO Vortrag
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